orpheus-cache\src\Cache\APCache.php 1

Element Line Description
\Orpheus\Cache\APCache::reset() 97 Use clear() This method uses the apc_delete() function.

orpheus-core\src\core.php 1

Element Line Description
\using() 680 use namespaces, packages and autoload system Include a class from a package in the libs directory, or calls the package loader. e.g: "package.myclass", "package.other.*", "package" Packages should include a _loader.php or loader.php file (it is detected in that order). Class files should be named classname_class.php

orpheus-entitydescriptor\src\EntityDescriptor\PermanentEntity.php 1

Element Line Description
\Orpheus\EntityDescriptor\PermanentEntity::editableFields 34

orpheus-entitydescriptor\src\EntityDescriptor\User\AbstractUser.php 1

Element Line Description
\Orpheus\EntityDescriptor\User\AbstractUser::generatePassword() 512 Use PasswordGenerator from Orpheus WebTools

orpheus-publisher\src\Publisher\PermanentObject\PermanentObject.php 1

Element Line Description
\Orpheus\Publisher\PermanentObject\PermanentObject::runForUpdate() 382 This function is called by update() before saving new data. $data contains only edited data, excluding invalids and not changed ones. In the base class, this method does nothing.
\Orpheus\Publisher\PermanentObject\PermanentObject::getLogEvent() 724
\Orpheus\Publisher\PermanentObject\PermanentObject::delete() 925 Delete the object with the ID $id or according to the input array. It calls runForDeletion() only in case of $in is an ID. The cached object is mark as deleted. Warning ! If several class instantiate the same db row, it only marks the one of the current class, others won't be marked as deleted, this can cause issues ! We advise you to use only one class of one item row or to use it read-only.
\Orpheus\Publisher\PermanentObject\PermanentObject::formatFieldValue() 1003 Prefer to use parseFieldValue(), Adapter should format the data

orpheus-rendering\src\Rendering\HTMLRendering.php 1

Element Line Description
\Orpheus\Rendering\HTMLRendering::getModelsPath() 386 Use getLayoutsPath()

orpheus-sqladapter\src\SQLAdapter\SQLAdapter.php 1

Element Line Description
\Orpheus\SQLAdapter\SQLAdapter::doSelect() 419
\Orpheus\SQLAdapter\SQLAdapter::doUpdate() 433
\Orpheus\SQLAdapter\SQLAdapter::doDelete() 447
\Orpheus\SQLAdapter\SQLAdapter::doInsert() 461
\Orpheus\SQLAdapter\SQLAdapter::doLastID() 475
\Orpheus\SQLAdapter\SQLAdapter::doEscapeIdentifier() 492 Escapes the given string as an SQL identifier.
\Orpheus\SQLAdapter\SQLAdapter::doFormatString() 510 Formats the given value to the matching SQL type. If the value is a float, we make french decimal compatible with SQL. If null, we use the NULL value, else we consider it as a string value.
\Orpheus\SQLAdapter\SQLAdapter::doFormatValue() 527 Add slashes before simple quotes in $String and surrounds it with simple quotes and . Keep in mind this function does not really protect your DB server, especially against SQL injections.