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orpheus/system/bootstrap.php 1
orpheus-core/src/Core/RequestHandler.php 1
orpheus-core/src/core.php 1
orpheus-entitydescriptor/src/EntityDescriptor/Entity/EntityDescriptor.php 1
orpheus-ssh2/src/SSH2.php 1


Type Line Description
ERROR 0 Tag "author" with body "@author Florent HAZARD <f.hazard@sowapps.com> Orpheus is able to separate your application sources from its own sources. This allows you to use a common Orpheus source folder for multiple applications, composer is associated to one application. For each application, you are also able to use multiple instances of this application with specific configuration, logs & store. These constants take care about paths through symbolic links." has error


Type Line Description
ERROR 19 Tag "author" with body "@author Florent HAZARD <f.hazard@sowapps.com> We should also implement a service system to allow a class/object to provide a feature that is required by other lib without they are knowning the lib implementing it" has error


Type Line Description
ERROR 384 Tag "see" with body "@see reportSuccess(), reportError()" has error "\reportSuccess()," is not a valid Fqsen.


Type Line Description
ERROR 25 Tag "author" with body "@author Florent Hazard <contact@sowapps.com> This class uses a Yaml configuration file to describe the entity. Thus, you can easily update your database using dev_entities module, and it validates the input data for you." has error


Type Line Description
ERROR 15 Tag "author" with body "@author Florent HAZARD <f.hazard@sowapps.com> apt-get install php5-ssh2 Or apt-get install libssh2-php" has error

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